hockey poem

Topics: Ice hockey, English-language films, American films Pages: 2 (369 words) Published: February 27, 2014
Bethany Nordberg
Period 4

Another winter has come, I'm ready for my game
But since it's put on hold, my evenings will be lame
Can't they just agree? So that they can play
Where is my super negotiator to save the day?
My life will be over if I can’t go cup crazy
Get it done you lazy sloths and stop being so crazy!

From Boston all the way to Vancouver,
the hockey season may already be over
Right about now, there is quite a bit of doubt
The team owners have locked the players out
For hockey fans, this isn’t very nice
They won’t see their favorite players on ice

It will take a lot of negotiating and luck
to get the referees to drop the puck
The two bargaining sides can’t agree on a guide
Because of that, the season won’t start
The team management and players should get it together
On the horizon, I see lots of stormy weather

At this time in my life, I feel down on my luck
I’m missing the game played on ice with sticks and a puck
I miss my defenseman, and my left and right wings
the centers also – but most of all – my defending goalie king If only he could actually play and not drive my sanity away
We might one day win the cup, and for this I hope and pray

We need the head honchos to sort out their wagers,
because all we want back is hating the New York Rangers
Why can’t they do it?
Is it something in their upbringing?
Is it because the owners are greedy and the players are proud? Why can’t they get their head out of the cloud and start making the rinks loud?

If I could just have my game I know I’d be singing
The bells would be ringing, the fans would be swinging
But still compromise and understanding is no where to be found As the NHL’s reputation is slowly pinned to the ground
Let’s voice our concerns and give the executives a reason
If they don’t get it done soon there will be no season
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