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Hobbies 10th

By cocoa201516 Apr 26, 2015 518 Words
Many people have hobbies some might have boring hobbies and others might have fun hobbies. Well today I am explaining my 6 favorite hobbies. Many people have different interests of what they like doing and what makes them happy. Without all these hobbies life would not be fun these things make me happy.

One of my favorite hobbies is shopping, I love shopping! Shopping usually gets my mind off things! Its a great way for spare time. I usually shop with my friends but its better to shop with your parents because they will get you what you want. Shopping makes me happy I just love looking at clothes and buying new clothes, I like to try on new things. I will usually shop all day, shop till you drop!

My second favorite hobby is traveling, the places I have been to be: niagra falls, cancun, and new York. I really haven’t been to that many places but I really hope to travel around the world. Ive only been to 2 different countries and hope to visit more. I love traveling because I like to see all the different cultures and food. also like meeting new people and seeing all the beautiful monuments. I love trying new food, food is a main thing I really love.

My third hobby is pottery, my sister is the one who got me into making pottery. At first I thought it was really boring but then I actually really liked it. My sister works at this one pottery place in Seattle so every time I go to Seattle I always come back with a nice little pot! Pottery is so much fun I love using the wheel and painting it after it’s dry.

My other favorite hobby is Golfing,my first time golfing was with my dad. I started summer of 2012 and I still golf every now and then. I think it's a sport that you actually have to play to think it's interesting cause I think it is VERY boring to watch Its relaxed yet requires so much skill. Its also great for social purposes and hanging out with friends. Its like a game against yourself and you can't stop once you start because you want to get your score down. Idk its just really fun and a great sport. Golf is relaxing and challenges your skills all the time. I love being outdoors

My other favorite hobby is rock climbing Rock climbing is fun because it's a challenge. The more I work at it, the better I get, and the less terrified I get. Personally, I find that fun! It's challenging, it uses problem solving (and I do enjoy problem solving) and it takes a lot of coordination. You have to figure out where your gonna put your feet and where your gonna try to grab onto next. The best thing is learning to trust the equipment. I'm not exactly unafraid of heights, but I trust the equipment and myself.  Everyone needs a hobby to keep the mind fresh and creative while keeping you busy and enjoying life.

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