Five Things I Like Most

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Five Things I Like MOST

by:Kimberly C. Essay No.4 2013.5.22

I like lots of things. But there are the special ones that I like most.

First, I totally LOVE music. It's like--part of my life. I play three instruments and I aspire to be a singer when I grow up. Because I want to let people discover different types of music.

Secondly, I also LOVE 24 festival drums. It's a culture of Malaysia and I've played it for the fourth year. 24 festival drums got this name based by the 24 festivals. And it has also a bit of wushu content in it.

Thirdly, I LOVE my friends. They encourage me, and cheer me up when I am sad. Some of my “Friends” that say that I'm their friend but use me or talk about bad things behind my back, those people, I really wonder if I'm their friend.

Next up, I like reading books. There are lots of kinds of books. You can read novels, picture books, comics and more. You will NEVER see me without a book anywhere. Unless I was forced not to bring it out.

Last, but not least, I like writing . It is a hobby that I would like to share with my friends. Writing can express how you feel about certain things. It is a great hobby that I strongly recommend everyone try to take up. You can write stories about how you feel. Like when you feel mad, you can write a short story with that person being one of the people in your story. Then, you could write that he is a very mean person and he has NO friends at all.(even though in real life that person is popular and has LOTS of friends.)

The things that I wrote above are the five things that I dearly hold in my heart and are the very essence of my

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