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HKCST 88280-0202  Group 2
Question no: 2
Specific topic: the 1967 Riots
Group members:

Why are we doing this topic?
The 1967 Riots was the 2nd large scale riot in Hong Kong History. As a Hongkonger, we want to know more about it.

What is the importance of our research?
It is generally acknowledged that after 1967, the colonial government became more responsive to the needs of the Hong Kong people. It is crucial for Hong Kong people to know the reason why the colonial government had these changes. In our research, we would like to find out the truth about the significant issue in 1967 by comparing with three different aspects regarding the 1967 riots.

Key Questions
What are difference and similar places between Leftists, Officials and Academic scholars? Why the colonial government implemented an amount of the policies to improve Hong Kong after 1967?

1. Officials
Summary: Communist organizations in Hong Kong have sought to impose their will on the government and the people by intimidating workers, fomenting work stoppages, by demonstrations and rioting, and by indiscriminate violence. Meanwhile, Hong Kong Police Force was protecting Hong Kong residents in their utmost effort. Analysis: The writer attributed the riots in 1967 to the communists and intended to establish the good images of government itself.(It can be related to implement the apolitical education policy.....)

2. Leftists
Summary: To begin with labor dispute, the people were furious with their employers as they were deprived by the strict and unreasonable rules. The dispute became more serious and the police were called. The police suppressed the demonstration with brute force, acting extremely violently. The dispute between the labor and businessman grew into the confrontation between residents and the police. Some ultra-leftists fought against the police with home-made bombs. In the PRC, newspapers praised the leftists' activities, calling the British colonial government's...

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