Wobbling Pivot: Chapter 1 summary

Topics: Protest, Capital punishment, Water pollution Pages: 2 (394 words) Published: September 28, 2014
What happened in chapter 1 The Wobbling pivot was that there was two men fighting over a bicycle and there were people listening to them in Tianamen Square. There was a riot that had happened in China where there was a riot that happened and there were a lot of people protesting for domestic traqulity in Bejing. In the streets of Changchun there were people in taxis and most of them that took a ride was businessman and foreigners because the fares prices were very high. There were policeman that were extremely violent or didn’t care about their actions about how they treated people in certain cities and china as a whole was corrupted. For example when some girl had been raped and killed there was no justice against that and the family pleaded for a trial and they got it but it took a while. Another example is when the girl had got murdered and was raped and she died and the young girl funeral was held but officials said that killing is not a crime. Also there were people trying to fight for their individual rights like people had anger over the unsafe mines and the polluted water that was not safe to drink. There were unsafe working conditions and endless demands of local officials for bribes and sex privileges. There had been a problem with the farming with the water supplies poisoned and their crops being ruined and there could be rising incidences of cancer and that was a panic. There were peoples homes destroyed for no apparent reason and if they resisted thousands were fined and even going to jail some of the time. The main two things that the officials wanted were money and power which they only got if from family or any kind of racial connections. There were many cities that were under attack in China and the people still protested and many were killed and very few police officers. If you broke any laws in China you may have been sentenced to death regarding these protests. There were other things like Education, public safety; food security and culture...
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