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HIV/Aids Alliance case|
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1. Explain the governance?
In the Alliance is a central group Council of Trustees. These group are independent people from communities around the world who are affected or involved in actions on HIV/AIDS. The group supposed to represent the benificiaries rather than the LOs or the donors, although of course the beniificiaries are ultimately serviced by LOs. The council are the ultimate decision-making body in terms of strategy development, but decisions are also influenced by the LOs and by the donors. Once a year the directors of the LOs discuss what they need to do in relation to the worldwide HIV/AIDS situation. They are nog a decision making body, but it is more a forum for consultaion and as an advisory body.  

Trustees: Carmen Barrosso, Martin Dinham, Jan Cedergren, Zhen Li, Callisto Madavo, Kevin Moody, Kanini Mutooni, Carole Presern, Prasado Rao, Nafis Sadik, Steven Sindin, Jens van Roey.

The Vision of the Alliance is a world in which communities have brought an end to HIV/Aids transmission, and secured their health and human rights. The Mission of the Alliance is to support the community actions on HIV, health and human rights to end HIV/Aids.

2. How is the Alliance structured?
The international secreteriat
The Alliance international secretariat (who has offices in the UK, Washington, Brussels, Geneva and India) facilitates learning, best practice, policy and advocacy, quality standards and brand value across the Alliance global partnership.

The Secretariat was incorporated as a company limited by guarantee on 24 December 1993, and is registered with Companies House under number 2883774. The organisation’s governing document is its memorandum and articles of association.

The Secretariat is governed by its Board of Trustees, the highest...
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