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Topics: The Crystal Palace, Hyde Park, London, Joseph Paxton Pages: 2 (1024 words) Published: November 10, 2014
How important were geographical reasons, amongst other factors, for the relocation of the Crystal Palace to Sydenham Heights? The Great Exhibition was a great, large glass structure that took place in Hyde Park, London from May 1st to 11th October 1851. The Great Exhibition was organised by Prince Albert (husband of the reigning monarch, Queen Victoria) Henry Cole and many other members of the royal society for the Encouragement, of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce as a celebration of Britain’s modern industrial technology and design, basically something for Prince Albert to show off about for all of their hard work... The palace was designed by Sir Joseph Paxton, who was an architect but also a gardener. Paxton created the glass exhibition and his design was published on the 6th July 1850. This gained public support instantly. However some of the problems the Great Exhibition faced being set in Hyde Park were: Very poor working conditions, as it was set in the big city of London there would obviously be poor working conditions because London was basically the land of work and where people went to get some money and at that time they worked very dangerously but most importantly they did not know the facts of how they should have worked. Secondly, there was a huge divide between the rich and the poor, so the poor had little amount of money meaning that it was hard for them to even manage to feed their families let alone go to a Great Exhibition but the complete opposite for the rich, they went to the Great Exhibition and made the most of it, as it was only temporary and they could afford it. Thirdly, there were diseases such as rife, cholera, TB, Measles etc which meant that some people would only not come to see this Great Exhibition because they were scared for contracting something. Lastly the growth of the factory system, meaning that London was surrounded by factories and the population massively increased. “But the sun itself, however beneficent...
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