History Notes 112

Topics: Cold War, Soviet Union, John F. Kennedy Pages: 3 (596 words) Published: May 7, 2014

History 112

Chapter 25: O can you see the C’s? ( 1940 - 1960 )

Kennedy and the Cold War

- After 8 years in the White House Eisenhower had to retire because of the 22nd Amendment. 22nd ratified in 1951 in reaction to FDR’s four terms as president but did not permit Eisenhower or anyone else to run for more than two terms in office.

- Eisenhower tepidly endorsed his vice president, Richard Nixon who had gotten his fame from 1950’s Red Scare.

- Democrats nominated John F. Kennedy who was a senator in Massachusetts.

- John F. Kennedy was seen as a hero during World War 2 with an easy demeanor and good sense of humor.

- Kennedy and Nixon promised Americans that they would execute the cold war better than Eisenhower. Many, Americans felt like Kennedy could not lead the nation because he was a catholic and wanted him to consult the pope. Became first catholic president in history.

Map of Election of 1960 p. 453.

President Kennedy

- Kennedy spoke a lot on “ new frontier” during his campaign but when in office his agended changed. Which, lacked major programs to develop.

- During Kennedy election he vowed to take more aggressive approach to the cold war than Eisenhower. An increase ment on federal aid for education, medical care, mass transit, unemployment, and urban affairs department generally went no where.

- Nation Building

- Kennedy seeked support from developing nations to win by facilitating their economic and political maturation.

Nation Building: Facilitating the economic and political maturation of developing nations; political strategy employed by Presi. Kennedy in order to prevent developing nations from adopting communism.

- Kennedy believed in the doctrine of containment and announced his willingness to wage preemptive strikes to prevent the march of communism.

Berlin Wall: Built by communist government to separate impoverished, Soviet - controlled East Berlin from...
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