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1- A friend of yours wants to create an expert system that will attempt to guess the results of football games based on the players that make up every team on their statistics. Explain clearly the stages, processes, and persons involved in the development of this expert system as well as how the system would work.

In the development of an expert system that would predict football matches of the Game based on the football players that make up each team one would have to do a statistical research.

Football match results are affected by a number of reasons. this includes the winning and loosing probability, whether away or at home. Despite the accuracy of the results, the frequency of accuracy should be considered when making the expert system. This is due to the probability factor in a football match, which is caused by many factors of a football match. In the making of a prediction system the following have to be made. Consideration of a good feature set is an important stage in initial development of the system. A feature set might contain factors that help better predict the football match. This might include Players ratings; previous wins or losses and probably the history of achievement of both teams.

The feature set should consist of at least 20sets of match data for each feature. This improves the chances of prediction the more training data a system gets the more reliable it becomes. Some of the data that might be used for the feature sets required by the software engineer should be collected from FIFA (Federation International Football Association) as it reserves the biggest database of diverse features some of which an engineer might require.

The data has to be trained and tested on its accuracy this is called a testing and validation Process. The first process is to allow a machine learning algorithm to process the data of the Chosen feature set and calculate the probabilities. In this process we encounter a problem that some data has to be reserved for testing. On this process we employ WEKA (Waikato Environment for Knowledge Analysis) written in Java to perform a ten-fold analysis and test. The ten-fold analysis performed by WEKA is thorough because it uses 9 of 10 sets of data for training and tests with 1 of 10sets. In the end the results are displayed in a graphical user interface with results of reliability probabilities of the system. Such a software is crucial in making such an expert system such as this since it requires a lot of training and testing data. And the choice is more controlled by a machine learning software such as WEKA.

The training and testing process for the most convectional system needs to be constantly updated this helps with more reliable predictions. After the training and testing process is complete the system needs to be synchronized with the FIFA database for constant update, and more reliability. It is complex to make an accurate prediction system for football, as it is a game with countless possibilities that might affect the match. Therefore to deal with the prediction of red cards or injuries and many other features requires a complex algorithm and high processing power. The software engineer or designer also needs to create a conventional user interface. The user interface would preferably have two input boxes with a search simple search engine for each box. The program would therefore simulate the match depending on the training data it consists of. The results would therefore need to be displayed based on probabilities and the factors of the chance of the results of both teams. This would then allow the human judge to analyze and view the factors affecting the systems prediction and therefore evaluate the reliability.

2- How is a conversational chatbot created? How does it simulate intelligence?

Chat bots are robots that are designed to simulate a conversation or interaction as a Human. Chatbots are made primarily to be able...

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