A Film Presents Its Themes Through Its Visuals and Sounds. Explain How the Film You Have Studied in Class Use Visuals and Sounds to Highlight Its Themes?

Topics: 10 Things I Hate About You, The Mistake, Mistake Pages: 2 (903 words) Published: August 17, 2011
The film “10 Things I Hate About You” by Gil Junger uses visuals and sounds to communicate the main issues dealt with throughout the text. The main ideas the film express include Following the crowd can have negative consequences, furthermore, Love can change people for the better and in addition, Learning from your mistakes. Gil Junger communicates the idea that following the crowd can have negative consequences using visuals and sounds. This theme is expressed through the employment of camera angles and dialogue. With the introduction of the Stratford Sisters into the film the camera jukstaposes them. The juksta position between the two sisters offers the audience an insight into their attitude and lifestyle. This technique shows the audience that Kat (Katrina) “doesn’t give a damn about my reputation!” while her sister Bianca is portrayed as a spoilt and confident sophomore that cares about what she looks like and what everyone says of her “I love my sketches but I can’t live without my Prada backpack.” This quote communicates to the audience that Bianca is a foolish sophomore. Dialogue is another employed technique used in this film. Dialogue is used to show that “Popularity isn’t everything,” and that Kat does not care of what anyone thinks of her and follows what she thinks is right. At the party scene Kat gives up on what she believes is right and follows the crowd. As consequence of following the crowd Kat gets drunk and starts dancing on the table top, when Patrick confronts her she asks him “Isn’t getting drunk what we’re supposed to do at a party?” This quote reveals to the audience that Kat is following what the crowd is doing and does not care about what she believes in. Gil Junger explains that following the crowd can have negative consequences with the help of visuals and sounds. In “10 Things I Hate About You”, Gil Junger expresses the idea that love can change people for the better with visuals and sounds. This idea is best depicted by costuming,...
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