History Impacts Intercultural Communication

Topics: History, Culture, Cross-cultural communication Pages: 2 (626 words) Published: December 11, 2010
History Impacts Intercultural Communication

Why would it be important to examine the role of history in Intercultural Communication? When we examine the role of history in Intercultural Communication, we gain an understanding of how our past influences our communication skills with people from other cultures. We need to learn and understand why we communicate the way we do. It can be very helpful in improving our relations with other cultures.

Studying the histories of cultures that are different from ours gives us a frame of reference that can lead to better intercultural communication. It is not only important to study the histories of other countries’ cultures but our own American subcultures as well. We need to understand where someone is coming from in order to communicate more effectively. •What are hidden histories and how might hidden histories affect intercultural interactions? Hidden histories are events of the past that are not widely known or taught. Most of the time, these histories have a negative connotation. They are not favorably viewed for one reason or another and so they have been suppressed. Usually, hidden histories revolve around controversial events such as the oppression of Native Americans or slavery. The ramifications of hidden histories are probably farther reaching than we know. All history, no matter how unfair or horrific, is important to intercultural communication. We need to learn from past mistakes and communicate between cultures to help each other overcome our differences and try to heal the damage that was created from those mistakes. •Compare and contrast family histories with national histories. Family histories are past events that happen within a family. They are usually not recorded for future generations but they are passed down through the telling of stories from family members. These events happen at the same time as national and world historical events and sometimes might even be influenced by...
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