Topics: Éamon de Valera, Sinn Féin, Anglo-Irish Treaty Pages: 4 (1242 words) Published: September 23, 2014
The British politician in the picture is David Lloyd George

In the picture Arthur Griffith is most likely to walk through the gates.

In document B the main point in the ultimatum is allegiance to the king.


i) In document a the picture is portrayed as a heavenly image with a gate to glittering gates, this represents as a key to the gate to freedom. Arthur Griffith is the happier of the men and is all for taking the key where as micheal Collins is not to happy with the deal as he knows this will only lead to further violence in the country. In document B de Valera is all for war and wants to go back to war with Brittan. He thinks that the people would prefer war and to stop negations

ii) I think that document B represents the anglo irish treaty the best because its more to the point about whats happing in the current time. Document A isn’t as seroious as de valeres letter. Even tho the letter is from de Valeras view , it gives us a personal primary source from what was actually happing at the time. In document a it shows that Lloyd George is carrying a gun and there is a stairway down to immediate and terrible war. If there was one false move the irish would be sent packng and a war would break out.

I do not consider document a to be a fair reflection on the anglo-irish because in the picture it looks like arther Griffith is lacking confidence and knows he has to take what hes offerd. Collins looks like he wants to kill everybody around him over whats happing and that he doesn’t want to be there one bit.

Emotion bias opinion lack of objectivity mis truth self-belief

To what extent was the Anglo-Irish Treaty responsible for the Irish Civil War?

The Irish Civil War occurred following the signing of a treaty between Sinn Fein and the British government. The Anglo-Irish Agreement brought the Irish War of Independence to an end and establihsed the Irish Free State.. The civil war caused a split in the nationalist...
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