Topics: Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, American Revolution Pages: 2 (523 words) Published: March 15, 2014

Ben Franklin- Special Assignment
1. What was Benjamin Franklin’s philosophy of life? What were his religious beliefs? a. Franklin, believed that science could solve the problems of human life and that knowledge came from the senses, observation, and experimentation. Society, economy and human affairs Franklin believed that they should be applied to knowledge. School was defiantly a big part of Franklin he was very dedicated to his studying. Franklin made a proposal that was very important to exposed the stimulus on a new education republic. Franklin was a very educated man who became successful from being ambitious and having common sense. b. Franklin was a very religious man. He believed in One God who he said ought to be worshiped. Franklin also believed in morals and that when conducting these respectful morals and religion for the Jesus of Nazareth. 2. Explain how Benjamin Franklin was the “quintessential American” of his time. Who would you say is the quintessential American of our time? Why? a. Benjamin Franklin was defiantly considered a Renaissance Man but he wasn’t so much of the quintessential American of his time. There were three men who established examples of quintessential American as well such as; Patrick Henry, Thomas Jefferson and George Washington. Patrick Henry was a displayed and very passionate man. Thomas Jefferson was the complex literary thought and George Washington was the staid reserve. i. In my option all of these men were defiantly exceptional then and they defiantly would be today too. 3. Poor Richards’s Almanak- What is this all about? Summarize the advice that is given in the Almanak. Why is Franklin involved in this endeavor? a. First Poor Richard was not actually even written by Benjamin Franklin. While sticking to the English tradition Franklin brought civilizations in many different ways to his country. Something’s were just easy to recall for instance; virtues, frugality, pragmatism, industry and just common...
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