Topics: Emotion, Psychology, Emotional labor Pages: 3 (960 words) Published: March 4, 2014
Emotional Labor in the Workforce

In this discussion board, answer the following questions:

Who sets the emotional norms in a workplace?  
How do we know how much emotion is acceptable or appropriate?  How has emotional contagion influenced a job you held?

Emotional Labor. Managing and even suppressing emotions when doing so is both appropriate and necessary.
Emotions are all around us; in our personal lives and in our workplace. When pondering over the question who sets the emotional norms in a workplace, several different scenarios danced around in my head. With this I think it depends on the particular job, the environment, employees, along with the management. We all wish that we can go into work each day, happy, carefree and with no problems. That is just not real life for most of us. Emotions can be displayed in so many ways that can depend on psychological or physical aspects. As far as the non realistic norms in the workplace, employers expect their employees to come to work and leave personal issues at home that will disrupt not only your job performance but the performance of other workers. Also, not every workplace stays in an enjoyable environment for all workers. If perhaps there are budget cuts or layoffs and workers are fearful for their jobs that they have come accustomed to and rely on to survive. Therefore realistically the workplace may not be able to control an emotional norm within its environment.

So how do we know how much emotion is acceptable or appropriate? The answer is taking the time to become intelligent in emotions. First, focusing on your emotional labor abilities, this requires no physical endurance just working hard at recognizing how you are feeling and what is bothering you so that you can judge what emotion is appropriate and the necessary emotion you will need to address or display so that you help yourself keep a healthy mind which then will help you stay psychically healthy was well. Again, so many things...
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