Topics: John A. Macdonald, Canada, Wilfrid Laurier Pages: 21 (2579 words) Published: April 4, 2013
1. manifest destiny
2. the north south pull
3. legislative grid lock
4. rep by pop
5. the great coalition

Why did Canada become a country?
• Pressure from American and Britain
• Political issues

Manifest Destiny
• 1830’s divine destiny
• 1830’s manifest destiny
• Fear that while pushing with detour

North South Pull
• Strong trading routes ran north-south, not east-west • Happened organically

Legislative grid lock
• One of the main causes for confederation
• British colony
• 1840
o Active union on province Canada
• Canada East & Canada West
o Bills had come between (double majority)

|Canada West |Canada East | |English |French | |Protestant |Roman Catholic | |Parliament tradition |Revolution tradition |

Rep by Pop
• Canada East
o 8 million
• Canada West
o 1.2 million
• Collapsed bringing forth rep by pop
• George Brown
o Provincial government
▪ Separate legislative houses
o Believed it would solve everything
• George Brown, John A McDonald & George Etienne Cartier o Great coalition
▪ September 1864 in Charlottetown
▪ Continued loyalty to the crown
▪ Strong central government
▪ By-cameral legislation
• House of commons
• Senate
• Agreed to meet in Quebec
▪ Quebec Conference
▪ 72 resolutions (Canadian Constitution) ▪ NFL declined
▪ Sam Tilly voted out
▪ Pay to become a country
▪ Tension & threat in response (collective security) • 1867
o Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia & New Brunswick signed onto confederation o Approved by parliament
o Canada created July 1st 1867
▪ BNA Act
▪ 29 items in section 91
▪ 16 items in section 92 provisional government control ▪ Power to allocate subsidies

Confederation & Beyond
1. the national policy
2. Alexander Mackenzie
3. Canada Pacific Railway
4. the southern route

• confederation was designed to discover how the English and French can live together • Canada firsters saw Canada to have the same potential as USA! o Brought on Canada

Sir John A McDonald
• 1867-1891
• Held title for 19 years
• 168 negotiate to gain Rupert’s Land
• Voted out 1872

Responsible Government
• Promised a railroad within 10 years (1871-1881)
• Amour le cosmos
o First premier
o PEI under a railway “boom”
o Ottawa said if PEI joined confederation they’d pay all debits o July 1st 1873 Pei joined confederation
o The land lacked people
o 4 million people in 1869-1890
▪ Slowly lost close to 2 million

• French vs. English
• Protestant vs. Roman Catholic

The National Policy
• Railways from coast to coast
• Western settlement
• Trade tariffs (designed to protect)
o Success is born by the west
• National Policy stopped in 1872

Alexander McKenzie
• Charmless, colorless, reserved, cold
o Hard working and honest

• Secret voting
• Shut down bars
• Uniform election

• Sir John A McDonald voted back in
• Introduced tariff
• Took another shot at the...
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