things that led to canadian confederation

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The Confederation of 1867 had many influencing factors pushing it and against it. The most influencing factors were based on three main topics which were: economic factors, internal political issues, and pressures from the USA. Some of these factors had a big influence on the outcome, and others not so much. The most influencing factor of the Confederation was the Political Deadlock. This made the government come to a standstill because if the majority was against for what the government wanted, the bill would be not approved. Although, if they had Confederation it would make the government stronger if united as one, and both East Canada and West Canada would not have to agree on the same things but instead just the government officials.

Since the political deadlock was the most important factor that led to Confederation, Manifest Destiny was the least important factor. To back this up, Manifest Destiny was just more like the belief that it was the American's destiny to take over and control all of North America. What's important is, that this was just a belief that the Americans had not actual work being done for it. In the end, it was unachieved too, obviously. These were just two of the influencing factors that led to Confederation. Confederation Final Project Paragraph

New Brunswick joined Confederation on July 1, 1867. New Brunswick was one of the first province/territory to join Confederation along with Nova Scotia and a few other colonies. New Brunswick joined the Confederation because if they joined it, Britain would help with funds to build railways to help increase trade, it would help New Brunswick defend against the Fenians, and since New Brunswick had a small population, if they joined Confederation, they wouldn't have to worry about Rep by Pop because they would be now under a federal government. Nevertheless, by New Brunswick joining the...
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