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Good morning everyone
Today, I am going to talk about an animal which all of you will know it,that’s hippo!! hippos are one of those dangerous animals in the world. It’s ranking is the seventh.

Hippos mainly live in lakes or rivers. They can be easily found in South Africa

Don’t be treat by those gentle face hippo
Do you know that Hippo have the ability to cut a crocodile in half with a single bite That s horrible. The ways that hippo to attack is
They will rush to you to attack you when on land, and they will crawl to you when in the water Now let’s watch a short video about them……..
They are really horrible
(Alfred Dube victim)
There are about 300 people die per year from hippo attacks

What if you meet a hippo, what should you do , here are few survival tips If you’re in a canoe
• Tap the side of the boat to signal your position so hippos do not come up beneath you.
 • Keep your distance when on foot. Avoid thickets where hippos may be skulking.
 • Listen out for oxpecker calls – a warning sign that there may be a hippo around.
 • Clapping your hands, waving your arms

Your only hope is to seek immediate refuge behind or up a tree or behind a termite mound.

You should also keep calm if you really meet a hippo and immediately find rescue. But to prevent those accident happens, dont go near lakes or rivers .
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