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Topics: Orlando Magic, Philadelphia 76ers, Denver Nuggets Pages: 2 (942 words) Published: April 3, 2013
When you look across the league, you still see cornrows, tattoos, arm sleeves, headbands and hip-hop culture and then you will realize there is someone missing. The king of all that, the player who revolutionized the league his way, whether you liked it or not, the dude who broke ankles for 13 straight years and played every game as if it was his last is not there. He is no where to be found and his story is quite tragic; in a way, he is the forgotten one, the league is missing the one and only Allen Iverson.   In the 2007-08 season Iverson played on a 50 win Denver Nuggets squad and averaged 26.4 ppg and 7.2 apg. At the start of the 2009 season he was shipped to Detroit and everything went downhill. Iverson was put into what he described as "the worst situation of his career" and his reputation was unfairly tarnished by that season. He went into free agency and signed with Memphis Grizzlies; it only lasted three games and it looked like the end for Iverson. A month later though things were looking good as Iverson came back to the Philadelphia 76ers. He was happy and it was a good situation; he was playing a very team-oriented game shooting only 11 shots per game and running a Princeton Offense.  Bottom of Form

This all stopped when his daughter came down with an illness and he left the team for the season. Iverson decided that he was done with the Sixers and both sides agreed to a buy out, however that same day his wife divorced him. Reports surfaced that Iverson had a drinking and gambling problem and that he was broke. After receiving no offers from NBA teams, Iverson signed with Besiktas Cola of the Turkish Basketball League. He played just 10 games in Turkey before a lesion was discovered in his right calf, and right when he was starting to adjust to the European style of play, he was forced to come back to the United States for treatment. Iverson averaged 14.3 PPG and five apg in 31 MPG playing in Turkey, shooting 44.2 percent from the field and was a hero...
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