Hinduism Versus Islam

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Hinduism vs. Islam
Even with their relations, Hinduism and Islam are nowhere close to the same religion. From their ways of worship to who they worship, they can be separated and compared in many ways. Both have the thought of a God, but Hinduism has polytheism. They are two different religions totally, but there is no denying their similarities.

Hinduism can be described in many ways. Not only are they polytheistic, they worship idols representing their gods. They are very tolerant with its ways of worship and religious viewings. Even though they are open with their religion, they aren’t open about everything. Their social hierarchy, called the caste system, was extremely strict. You weren’t allowed to do anything outside of your caste, or section. You were ostracized if you did anything outside of your caste at all. Even though they don’t have the caste system anymore, it is why many wanted to convert to the new religion, Islam.

Islam is an egalitarianism religion. Any Muslim can interact with any other Muslim. They also are monotheistic. They worship one God, Allah. They may have a loose social hierarchy, but they have a strict religious view. They have the five pillars, all five meaning something different. One being there is no other god but Allah, another saying pray five times toward Mecca, the third being fast during Ramadan, next saying Zakat for those in need, and the last one saying you must make a pilgrimage to Mecca, called the Hajj, in your life time. You must do all of these. There is no leeway.

This may suggest everything in these two religions is exactly opposite, which is true to a certain degree. The Brahman of Hinduism and Allah of Islam can both be summoned by chanting their name. They also believe God rescues those who are faithful in time of need.

These two religions are neither totally different nor totally the same. They can easily be separated. Both have spread out among the world and are second and third on the world’s largest...
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