Lent vs. Ramadan

Topics: Islam, Muhammad, Christianity Pages: 3 (911 words) Published: June 10, 2013
Christianity and Islam are two very significant Religions in the world today. Although they celebrate very different things, some of the things they celebrate are very similar. There are many differences between both religions predominantly with the way they celebrate festivals. On the other hand the rules that both religions follow are quite similar.

Christianity stands as the most widespread religion with over 2 billion followers. Christians believe that there has only been one God and he is the one who created everything on the earth today. The main festivals that Catholics celebrate are Lent, Easter and Christmas. In Christianity these festivals are very momentous and are always celebrated. The reason behind why Christians celebrate these festivals is because it reminds Christians the way Jesus lived his life up to when he passed away. In the Christian Religion there are different spiritual leaders starting with the Pope, Priests, Bishops and Jesus. Christians attend Churches to pray to God and ask him for certain things but most importantly to celebrate significant days on the Catholic calendar.

Islam began around 600AD in the Arabian Peninsula. The Islam community believes in one God called Allah. Islam was revealed to the prophet Mohammad in Mecca which is now modern-day Saudi Arabia. The key festivals that the Islamic community celebrate are called Ramadan which celebrates the gift of the Koran, Eid-al-Fitr which celebrates the first day after Ramadan has been completed, Dhu Al-Hijia and lastly the Eid-al-adha which is the festival of Sacrifice which occurs 70 day after the ending of Ramadan. Mohammad is an important individual when it comes to the history of Islam. He was the first person to ever be revealed to Islam and after his death many people began to follow Islam. His death gathered more people together and a wider community began to believe in the Religion of Islam. The Islamic community practices the five pillars of Islam which are...
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