Hinduism and Sanskrit Philosophical Treatises

Topics: India, Hinduism, Hindu Pages: 3 (661 words) Published: October 21, 2013
We are happy to present a collection of essays in disciplines that are vital to the understanding of the profusion of approaches to reality in India, with the hope that the contributions will deepen our knowledge of cultural heritage of the Indian Subcontinent and of the whole region inspired directly or indirectly by Indian culture, values, rational and religious concepts.

In the era of rapid globalisation, the importance of Indian as well as Oriental studies——stated jointly, in keeping with the maxim of ‘the cattle and bulls’: —has become more fundamental than customarily recognized it is the competence to comprehend manifold cultural phenomena and traditions, none of which are taken to be absolute or privileged, as well as the incentive to pursue basic human cognitive instinct and interpretative faculty, that lie at the core of the humanities.

Although the title explicitly refers only to Indian philosophy, religion and literature, nevertheless the volume also incorporates—in accordance with the maxim: ——the results of research in ancient and modern culture, religiosity, rationalistic attitudes, axiology, intercultural exchange of ideas, language as communicative groundwork, concepts of personality and society, the notion of freedom and liberation etc.

The issues discussed in the essays pertain to various aspects of Indian poetry and poetics, ranging from Sanskrit kavya (Klaus Karttunen, Lidia Sudyka, Anna Trynkowska) to medieval and modern Hindi poetry (Renata Czekalska, Kunwar Narain, Danuta Stasik). Analysis of personalities of personages of the Vedic pantheon is juxtaposed with comparative approach to Indian mythology (Rahul Peter Das, Paolo Magnone). Examination of different historical and textual layers of Vedic exegesis (Tatiana Y. Elizarenkova, Cezary Galewicz, Joanna Jurewicz, Sven Sellmer) is enriched by reflection on Sanskrit epics and Puranas (Horst Brinkhaus, John Brockington, Mary Brockington, Satya Vrat Shastri). Insightful pursuance of...
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