Effects of the Mexican Revolution on the Arts

Pages: 2 (300 words) Published: February 12, 2012
Effects of the revolution on the Arts

* Mariachi was declared to be Mexico’s national music after the revolution * Indigenismo was a common motif for the genre of music that resulted after the revolution * Artist started blending indigenous music with European music creating regional folk music * Norteno music became popular after the revolution. Norteno evolved from intermingling Czech and Bohemian rhythms. * The Mexican revolution gave birth to a number of Corridos that narrated events. They became a way to record celebrate or mourn events places or people during the revolution. Much like a newspaper but in music. Education

* Greater emphasis and budget given to education(school was most important instrument for unifying a nation) * Expansion of education into rural areas
* An increased focus on literature health and sanitation
* Education used as a mechanism to mold and co-opt the work force/labor need to modernize Mexican society/economy * Incorporated societal changes(anticlericalism nationalism and Indigenismo) Literature

* More novels with nationalist themes ex: Suave Patria by Roman Lopez Velarde * More focus on indigenous people more research on their lives past and present such as “the eagle and the virgin” * Brought about the idea of love and unity among Mexicans * Novels attempted to create a national identity by focusing on tradition and family * Literature focused on the awareness of the revolution the aftermath and the leaders in Mexico to make the cause of the revolution known Arts

* Created murals to represent working people
* Nationalist Mexican muralist painted all over the world impacting contemporary artist everywhere spreading the Renaissance of the new Mexican culture * Inspired by the Indigenismo and reassess Indian culture and heritage as in contrast to the positivism of the porfiriato * Goal of paintings was to direct itself to the native races that had been...
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