High School and Four-year College

Topics: High school, College, Advanced Placement Pages: 3 (1282 words) Published: September 9, 2013
1. How would you describe the quality of your high school's educational resources (such as teachers, counselors, assistance with course selection and college admission planning, books, facilities, size and location)? Faculty often discouraged students to have curriculum that they deem to competitive. Red Bluff High is the only local public school in the area. The teacher to student ratio is about a 30 students to one teacher. Too many of the students are dropping out well before high school graduation. As students you learn other subjects from the same teacher. For example, the football coach is also your history teacher. College admission to junior college is recommended. The school is lacking a foreign language department. Our school has all the facilities, such as library with a huge collection of books and swimming pool. Our teachers are not very strict. It is very difficult to get prepared for college because there is no guidance support. Students, who want to be successful have to seek external assistance. 2. Does your high school offer advanced college preparatory courses (e.g., Honors, AP, IB courses)? Were there any obstacles that prevented you from taking advantage of advanced college preparatory courses? Please describe. My high school offers advanced placement classes, but few compared to other schools. There is AP Biology, AP English, AP Calculus, AP Spanish, Honors History, and Honors Probability and Statistics. I have taken most of the AP class. Students who want to take more than two AP courses has to have permission from both the teachers and counselors. It was a difficult task to convince the faculty to allow you to take more than two AP courses at my school. I definitely desired to take more advanced college preparatory courses and be as resourceful as possible at my school. Many student in my grade do not wish to take these courses, the courses scheduling is set in a way that fits the majority. 3. How much did your teachers or...
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