Where Do I Begin?

Topics: High school, School types, College Pages: 3 (658 words) Published: October 17, 2014
Mark T. Figueroa, MM

I. Point of View
The time context is assumed to be at present, since the case is silent as to when the problem happened. There are already established private high schools in the area, but no high tuition private high school serving the segment (high income families) in particular. Prof. Bituin Abergas will establish under DEpEd Rules and Regulations for Private Schools in Basic Education. There are private elementary schools amenable about the proposal. And, private elementary schools in the area are assumed to be under a corporate form of business. II. Problem

How would Professor Bituin Abergas establish a high-tuition private high school in Caabanatuan City, Nueva Ecija? III. Objectives
1. To conduct a feasiblity study for requirement purposes as soon as possible.
2. To be able to submit request for opening a school including the completed feasibility study to DepEd in Nueva Ecija Region.
3. To execute necessary pre-operating activities and submit documents required by the Depatment of Education.
4. To be able to commence the operation of the business by the next school year.
5. To continously provide high quality secondary level educational services and facilities. IV. Areas of Consideration
1. High-income families in Cabanatuan City, Nueva Ecija.
2. Perception of the parents that real education comes with high price tag.
3. Public schools are perceived as not being able to deliver quality educational services needed.
4. Increasing demand for private school.
5. Inadequately served market segment (high-income families).
6. No high-tuition private high school serving the target area.
7. Sheer number of enrollees in public schools.
8. Opening of Montessori and private elementary schools in the area.
9. Five-year administrative experience of Prof. Bituin Abergas in private school. V. Alternative Courses of Action
1. Open a Level II...
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