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Topics: Biome, Ecosystem, Tundra Pages: 4 (664 words) Published: November 21, 2013
Multiple Choice
1. A biome is a CLIMATIC and geographically defined area that contains ecologically similar plants, animals and soil organisms. These areas of communities with ecologically similar characteristics are called _____________. A. ecosystems

B: biomes
C: elevations
D: vegetation
2. By what factors are biomes defined/classified? Check all that apply.

A: climate
B: genetic similarities
C: plant structures
D: leaf types
3. There are TWO fundamental classifications of biomes. They are: 1. Terrestrial (land) biomes and 2. ___________________

A: Space biomes
B: Amphibious biomes
C: Aquatic biomes
D: None of the above
4. There are two types of aquatic biomes: ____________________ and __________________ Check the two below.

A: deep sea biome
B: marine biome
C: freshwater biome
D: river biome
5. There are 4 major terrestrial (land) biomes. Check the two that apply. 1. Desert 2. Forest 3. ____________ 4. ____________

A: Prarieland
B: Flatland
C: Grassland
D: Tundra
6. Why are freshwater and marine biomes the most important of all biomes?

A: They are the biggest biomes.
B: They have the most varied species.
C: They have water which is essential to human life. They also have the ability to keep the temperature constant in the atmosphere. D: They are the least damaged biomes.
7. Which biome is the most diverse biotic community in the world?

A: marine
B: grassland
C: tundra
D: forest
8. The desert biomes cover approximately what fraction of the Earth's surface?

A: 1/4
B: 1/2
C: 1/3
D: 1/5
9. Tundra is the coldest of all the biomes. Which of the following are characteristics of tundra biomes? Check all that apply.

A: extremely cold climate
B: high biotic diversity
C: limitation of drainage
D: short season of growth and reproduction
10. There are two subdivisions of the Tundra biome: Savanna- grassland with scattered individual trees. Temperate- _______________________________ What does the Temperate Tundra...
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