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What is a biome?

A biome is a large, distinctive, complex community of plants and animals in a region maintained by climate. There are different types of biomes including tundra, taiga, deciduous forest, scrub forest, grasslands, desert and rain forest. Scientists disagree on the exact number of biomes in the world.

Plants in the tundra biome

Pasque flower
Blooms in early spring
State flower of South Dakota
Petal colors range from dark lavender to almost white

Arctic moss
Grows as slow as 1 centimeter per year
Its shoots can live for 7-9 years
In the arctic, moss covers the ground and warms it up so other plants can grow

Diamond Leaf Willow
Provides food for grazing animals of the tundra
White Willow is “nature’s aspirin” and can relieve pain and inflammation Willows in the tundra only grow a few inches tall and creep along the ground like a carpet

The bearberry’s fine, silky hairs and leather leaves help to keep it warm in the cold temperatures of the tundra Arctic moss adapted to the incredibly strong winds of the tundra by growing close to the ground Some plants in the Arctic grow underwater to give them protection from the drying winds and dry air of the tundra.

Animals in the tundra biome

Arctic fox
Makes its home in small burrows in frost-free ground, often in rock piles The number of pups born range between 6-19 per litter
The Arctic fox is an omnivore

Snowy owl
It is named for its white feathers
It has very sensitive hearing and can pinpoint the location of voles and lemmings under deep snow Its claws are long, curved and needlelike and used like weapons for defense and to attack their prey

Polar bear
The polar bear is the largest carnivore on land
It is listed as an endangered species
Polar bear cubs are usually born in December or January

The Arctic fox has adapted a stealthy movement due to its predatory nature The Polar bear...
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