Climatograms: An Overview

Topics: Precipitation, Earth, Rain Pages: 1 (371 words) Published: March 28, 2007
Joshy Yesudasan
Climatogram Project

According to the climatograms that we were given our local climatogram most resembled the mid latitude (temperate) grassland biome of Lawrence, Kansas . I arrived at this conclusion by comparing the two climatogram graphs and noticing a striking resemblance. The precipitation and temperature were almost exactly the same. Although they have similar qualities, the two climatograms also have many distinct differences. In our local biome we can observe that there is more rain in the summer months. We also that the temperature in the Temperate Grassland is usually more warmer especially during the summer months. As you can clearly see, there are many differences between the two biomes, however there are are many differences. In both the biomes, the temperature during the winter months is almost exactly the same. Based on this assumption we can infer that the animals who live in this area have to be the same. After looking at the differences and similarities in the two closley related biomes, we will now look at some differences between the tropical rainforest biome and the desert biome. When we observe the temperature and the precipitation of the two biomes we can make some conclusions as to what type of animals live there. In the tropical rainforest the types of animals that live there have to need lots of water and a warm temperature year round. When you go to the desert the animals that live there are able to survive on little amounts of water and can also survive extreme tempratures. When we look at our own biome in Northeastern Illinois we can see that the types of animals that live here need a steady supply of water and the plants need the warm temprature (sun) in order to survive. They should be able to survive or be dormant during extreme cold tempratures in the winter months. As you can see there are many differences as well similarities between the two biomes and we can also recognize the type of animals that live...
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