Biology Notes

Topics: Plant, Temperate broadleaf and mixed forests, Climate, Biome, Evergreen / Pages: 3 (533 words) / Published: Feb 11th, 2014
Week 13 Review

1. What is a biome?
a. Large area of similarly adapted species
2. How are plants similar and different in the biome of two different locations?
a. Plant species vary but plant for is similar
3. How does latitude influence biomes?
a. Above 60o N latitude  Artic
b. Below 60o N latitude 
4. How does continental placement influence biomes?
a. Coastal areas more moderate temp fluctuations
b. Interior areas more extreme temp fluctuations
c. Areas behind mountains creates a rain shadow
5. What meteorological factors influence biomes?
a. Rainfall
b. Temperature
c. Circulation
6. How do vegetative features influence biomes?
a. Coverage Canopy
7. How do biomes support the concept of natural selection?
a. They demonstrate climate effects on adaptations of organism(Convergent Evolution)
8. Where is the arctic tundra located?
a. Above 60o N latitude
b. Continuous circle in the northern hemisphere
9. What is the growth form of the arctic plants?
a. Dwarf, woody, marsh plants, mostly perennials
10. What are four examples of arctic tundra plants?
a. Sphagnum moss, lichens, willows, herbs, sedges, rushes
11. What is the average rainfall in the arctic tundra?
a. 25 cm a year
12. What is the minimum growing season in the arctic tundra?
a. 4 weeks
13. What is permafrost and what impact does it have on plants?
a. Prevents root penetration
14. What is frost heaving?
a. Is the expansion of water causing soil to rise
15. What is a limiting nutrient in the arctic tundra?
a. Nitrogen
16. Where do you find alpine tundra?
a. High Elevation
17. How is krummholz vegetation formed?
a. Ice pruning and intense solar radiation
18. How is alpine tundra soil different from arctic tundra soil?
a. There is no permafrost in alpine tundra
19. What is another word for “taiga?”
20. What is the latitude where most of the taiga is found?
21. What keeps plants from freezing solid in the taiga?
22. How is the

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