Het Nieuwe Werken Implementation report

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Het Nieuwe Werken Implementation
Research Report
Group D1

HNW Implementation Research Report; Group D1

International Business and
Management Studies
University: Stenden University of Applied Sciences in Leeuwarden, The Netherlands

Module 6:

International People Management


Ms Froukje Mosterman
Ms Marjolein Tijpens


Group D1


Joel Cruz Costa
Stefanie Fischer
Ying Gong
Jan Hesse






HNW Implementation Research Report; Group D1


This report is a necessary inclusion to the sixth module in the syllabus of the International Business and Management faculty at Stenden University of Applied Science, the Netherlands. The report is being written from the perspective of a researcher who must analyse and inform the government of their chosen country on the topic of the implementation of ʻHet Nieuwe Werkenʼ. For this report the country that has been chosen is Germany.

This report is intended as a module assignment with a duration of eight weeks for completion. The report has been intended by the module co-ordinator to be completed with an equal and fair input by a group of four students. The group that has been intended to work on this project includes three Germans and one Chinese student, namely, Joel Cruz Costa, Jan Hesse, Ying Gong and Stefanie Fischer. In reality, this report has not been written with a fair and equal input and, although all of the students have contributed a minimum of a few hours of work on this project, this actual report has been entirely written by Stefanie Fischer, with absolutely no inclusion of the other group membersʼ work in any form. This means that the very small amounts of work that have been submitted by the other group members have not been included in any form for a number of reasons that will be explained in Stefanie Fischerʼs UPSAT form.

The project team for this report would like to thank Ms. Mosterman, the assessor for this assignment, for all of her guidance and support throughout the duration of this project, through lessons, lectures and personal feedback sessions. Additionally, thanks must be given to Ms. Tijpens, who has provided workshops, lectures and feedback to support the creation of this assignment. Furthermore, for her provision of seminars and general information throughout the duration of this module, thanks must be given to Ms. Bosch.


HNW Implementation Research Report; Group D1


Executive Summary
This report is being written, not only for the German government, but also for any individual who is interested in referencing the material to gain an understanding of the process of Het Nieuwe Werken (HNW) implementation. The duration for creation of this project was as short as eight weeks as information on the topic has been desirable within a short time frame. The report can be said to be extremely comprehensive and includes, not only a definition and explanation of HNW, but also information on what needs to be done in order to implement HNW more thoroughly within the business environment of Germany.

This report shows how HNW is a means for corporate competition, both nationally and internationally. It is seen as being such a means of competition that it can even be implemented nationally in order to strengthen the global competitiveness of a national economy. It is shown how HNW can create flexibility, responsiveness, sustainability, increased effectiveness, increased employee satisfaction, reduced costs, increased environmental friendliness, increased value for customers, increased quality of work and, resultantly, higher levels of gross profit for companies. The report highlights the fact that currently there is a very low orientation towards HNW within the German national business environment. The only aspect of HNW that is widely accepted as being useful is the provision of slightly...
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