Hester Street Film Analysis

Topics: Social class, Socialism, Employment Pages: 4 (892 words) Published: December 9, 2015

Coming to a new country was never easy for the Jewish immigrants and Italian immigrants'. They experienced the positives and negatives coming to America. The movie, “Hester Street” and short stories, “Did God Make Bedbugs” and “Choosing Dream” all show how the Jewish immigrants and Italian immigrants’ experiences were in America and in their country.

In the movie,” Hester Street,” Jake came from Russia to America for a better life. He worked in a sewing shop. There were about 10 people all in one small room with the sewing machines. Jake’s wife and his family were interrogated when he went to Ellis Island to pick up his wife. This gives a glimpse of what Jew immigrants had to do when they were coming to this country and how much they struggled entering the country. Also, the manager of the...

This shows how the Jews were treated in America; they were not respected and they were put down in this country. The manager didn’t have to emphasize his positions or belittle Jake position. The movie shows how the struggle with money. Jake was very surprised with the amount of money Mamie saved; he kept borrowing money from her. Also, it shows how Jake struggled with getting his wife, Gitel, to become accustomed to the American lifestyle. Gitel did not want to give up her previous traditions because she came to America. Jake changed his and his son's name to the more American-sounding names. It showed how willing to Americanize easily. Similarity, chapter from a novel, “Did God Make Bedbugs” shows how poor they were. The main character tells us how his mom struggles to keep the house clean, but they have an issue with bed bugs, rats, fleas, and roaches. One night he was woken up by the bed bugs and cried because they were all over him and his mother had to spray kerosene to take them out. This shows how poverty was affecting their lifestyle, by not...
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