Herritage Assessment

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Heritage Assessment

Grand Canyon University
Health Promotion Throughout The Life Span

October 05, 2012

Heritage Assessment
The culture of a person can change the way one views different aspects in life. Medical professionals are not exempt from this. Patients may be treated by one medical professional differently than they would be treated by the next just based on the culture the medical professional grew up in. This paper will examine the usefulness of applying the heritage assessment tool in evaluating the needs of the whole person. This author’s family and two other families have been interviewed and in this paper it will be explained how the cultures differ from one another, as well as showing many similarities regarding ones view on healthcare. Healthcare in America has changed drastically over the years. One reason for this is the recent trend in immigration and migration to the United States. With this, the United States is experiencing many different cultures that bring different values and beliefs. This brings a challenge to healthcare professionals as they attempt to care for patients as individuals. The heritage assessment tool is a list of 29 questions that can be asked regarding family, religion, traditions, demographics and food choices. The more positive answers one gives the greater the person’s identification with traditional heritage is. This tool is unique due to the fact that unless you are siblings no two people’s answers will be the same. The questions are the same but the answers are individual. This assessment tool was beneficial when interviewing these families because it helped the interviewer to see how ones heritage sways their values and beliefs and their outlook on the importance of health care. Using this tool also shows the uniqueness of different cultures and how beliefs are passes from generation to generation. Another interesting thing the assessment tool does is...
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