Heroes Essay

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The Importance of Heroes

Have you ever thought about your life without someone to look up to or someone to help you through your pursuit of life? Would society be the same without the people who shape it? Heroes are meant to help us and support us as we go through life. There are a number of ways in which a hero may be portrayed. A hero is helpful, supportive, brave, dedicated, and determined. They guide us through “mazes” and they guide us through our experiences. Heroes are important to the individual because they often provide a perfect example to others which in a result benefits the society by providing positive role models, encouraging people to take a stand, and inspiring others to make their dreams come true.

The society depends on heroes to provide a perfect example of a positive role model. Today’s media provides various role models for girls. Lisa from “The Simpsons” has been acknowledged as the brains of the Simpson family since the start of the very first season of the show, which inspires young girls to be as intelligent as Lisa. Parents may also help to serve as role models because they often show self confidence and supportiveness. Star Jones, a co-host of the television show, “The View”, says she has always looked to her parents for support and advice. “I was just encouraged to be the best “me” that I could be. That is the greatest gift that you can give a child; the freedom and self confidence to be themselves” (Star Jones). Four out of five adults believe that children do not have good role models in their lives nowadays. Children who do not have good role models or have negative role models can easily learn negative behavior and language such as curse words. Role models are very much necessary in order for the society to learn good habits and become confident of themselves.

Heroes also encourage people to take a stand and make a difference in the world. There are many heroes that have taken a stand against racism which...
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