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Part 1:
Your partner's name: Kelsey Smith
Your partner's email address:
Your topic ("what is a hero?" or "what is a monster?"): what is a hero? Date you began the collaboration: 9/10/14
Date you completed the collaboration:
In six to eight sentences, describe your collaboration project: In this project, my partner and I described what a hero is to us. We both decided that a hero is someone with pride, who is willing to do something to help anyone whenever they need it. In our six pictures we have chosen just you typical everyday man. For example, a teacher, the lead singer of your favorite band, firefighter, army man, police officer and lastly, a doctor. These six types of people have many ways of being a hero me and even someone else. Each one of these people all help someone in need every day, whenever they need the help. Part 2: Communication

Copy/paste your email conversations with your partner here.

I'm sorry I didn't message you back sooner, I was out of town all weekend and just got back. Attached are pictures of heroism. For the fifth and sixth picture, I was thinking that you and I can look up something that is a hero to us. Like for me, it would be my favorite band or something. That way, we can incorporate ourselves into the project. Just a thought, if you don't want to do that, it's all good, I have two other pics I can send you.(: If you want me to change any of them let me know as well. ---------------------------

On Mon Sep 15 12:04:50 2014, wrote:

> How is everything coming?
> ---------------------------
> On Thu Sep 11 14:56:11 2014, wrote: >
> > I will look for some pics this evening and tomorrow morning that we can use. I do too, it's easier when you have someone you can talk to about it.(: > >
> > From the essay I just copied and pasted a couple things that I think we can use in our definition. > >
> > "assumes a warlike attitude, and...
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