Hernan Cortes: A Great Leader

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Rough Draft Hernan Cortes

Hernan Cortes sailed the vast, deep, blue ocean throughout his life, searching for land, money and power. The astonishing leader born in Spain in 1485 developed many armies and navigated through rough terrain. To many people he was respected, although feared a good leader. Hernan Cortes was an accomplished conquistador who improvised leadership by overpowering the Aztecs, which affected the country of Mexico for their language and religion by spreading the culture of Spain to Mexico.
Long before Hernan Cortes was born, the 400’s through 1300’s in Europe was an unstable, depressing time. This time was known as the European Middle Ages. This was a time of great social and political instability and warfare. To improve...

Hernan, now in power of this region decided to make places for his people to live. He made many plantations called “haciendas”. Spain got very wealthy during this time. From which Spain had then colonized most of America. This later caused African slaves, which the barter starting with Hernan himself.
Hernan was a prodigious leader. Some might think he is cruel, but he just instills fear in everyone so that they still know he’s the boss. A good leader stays committed and brave which Hernan Cortes was throughout all of his wars and battles. Also to be a good leader you must be sly and sneaky which he was when he managed to slip away from Velasquez with part of his followers. Being virtuous isn't bad, it makes a stronger more loyal army.
Hernan had many good qualities in his life, keeping a good army and trying to be the best man that he can be. Although he was very virtuous at times it kept his men in place. He also might have scared them a bit, but it’s all for a good reason. He was committed to get the job done and was devious, which everyone is a little. He had qualities that made him superior to other leaders according to the Machiavelli style. Some say Hernan changed Spain, others say he changed Mexico, but I think he changed the world for the past present and many future years to...
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