Topics: Zeus, Hermes, Greek mythology Pages: 2 (544 words) Published: January 19, 2014
One of the most influential gods in Greek mythology is Hermes. He is known as “The great Olympian God of animal husbandry, roads, travel, hospitality, heralds, diplomacy, trade, thievery, language, writing, persuasion, cunning wiles, athletic contests, gymnasiums, astronomy, and astrology.” (Aaron J. Atsma). Hermes is well rounded in many activities and is knowledgeable as well as inventive. Hermes is the son of Zeus and Maia and is often depicted with winged shoes, a winged hat and a caduceus. Hermes is predominantly seen as a benevolent messenger and helper to the gods, but is also recognized as a cunning prankster and thief. “He was employed by the gods and more especially by Zeus on a variety of occasions which are recorded in ancient story.” (Aaron J. Atsma). Hermes is known for being a helpful god, especially to his father. One of those occurrences is when Zeus is caught having an affair with Io. Zeus turns Io into a cow to conceal his affair from his wife, but to his dismay, Hera decides to hold Io the cow as hostage. Feeling remorseful, Zeus requests Hermes to retrieve Io. Io is guarded by Argus, the hundred eyed giant to make sure she stays put. Hermes finds a way to dispatch Argus and eventually is named “Argus-Slayer” once the task is completed. Hermes lends a hand to his father at the time his father needed it the most, which shows his considerate side. While Hermes is referred to as a kind young messenger, he is also quite the trickster in Mount Olympus. The day Hermes is born, he plays a mischievous prank on his older brother, Apollo. Hermes jumps out of his crib and abducts Apollo’s cattle very carefully. To hide the deed, “Hermes used many clever tricks, such as making the cows walk backward so their tracks would point the wrong way.” (Britannica). One can conclude that Hermes is skillful in the art of being strategic to cover up his shenanigans. Once Apollo realizes his cows are missing, he immediately suspects...
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