Herbal Cigarettes

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Table of Contents
Executive Summary2
Current Market Situation3
About Herbal Cigarettes4
The History of Herbal Cigarettes5
Some basic features of Herbal Cigarettes5
SWOT Analysis6
Objectives and Issues8
Marketing Strategy9
Market Segmentation9
Target Marketing9
Market Positioning10
Product Line of Herbal Cigarettes11
Advertisement and Sales Promotion12
oNewspaper Advertisement:12
oBillboards, Neon Signs, Large TV Screens:13
oCar and Vehicle Advertisements:13
oMobile team/ Mobile meeting:13
oAwareness Messages:14
Action Programs14
Recruitment of Sales Force14
Channels of Distribution:15
Importer and Head Distributor:16

Executive Summary

Herbal Garden Bangladesh Limited is a new company in Bangladesh with a new product, Herbal Cigarette that will be offered to the customers as substitute of Real Cigarette. The benefit of this product is it will be give the smoker real satisfaction of smoking without health hazard. We will import this Herbal Cigarette as an importer and distributor from National Botanical Institute of India and market to the six divisional cities. Our ultimate target is to capture 25% of targeted market share within 2 years, 50% within 4 years and 70% within 5 years and more.

As we know that smoking is injurious to health and environment. So the government is always against the companies to give advertisement in the mass media and offering the products to the underage or young people. But our products are examined and certified, by the medical personalities. They have recommended that Herbal Cigarettes are beneficial for health rather than causing any health hazards.

We are not only focused on profit but also aware of societal marketing. So our main objective is to earn profit providing satisfaction and value to customers. To reach our goal, we have taken lots of plan like evaluating current market situation, SWOT analysis, marketing strategies, including segmentation, targeting and positioning, advertising in different medias, channels of distribution, pricing, etc. moreover we will have a control team to monitor, evaluate and recognize the actual performance. Through these activities if they are properly implemented, we can achieve our goals.

Current Market Situation

At present there are few companies that are producing good quality tobacco and cigarettes. Among the companies British American Tobacco Company (BATB), Akij Tobacco, Vorosha Tobacco, etc producing the maximum quantity of cigarettes. They have a wide range of products or we can say that they have a wide product lines. For example in case of BATB, their product lines include Benson & Hedges, 555, Gold Leaf, Star, etc are some of the brands.

When it comes to the smokers, they choose between the brands as they feel soothing in particular brands. In the last decade or so, the company expanded and they give a high proportion of their sales revenue as tax to the local government. As it is also seen that the number of smokers in Bangladesh increased dramatically, especially the young people and those who are middle aged, indulge into smoking habits.

Although the cigarette manufacturing companies gave the message on their products label or the packets and in other advertisements that “Cigarette smoking is injurious to health” but still the number of smokers kept on increasing. The government already passed an act that smoking cigarettes in public places must be banned and if anyone was caught smoking, the person should be fined or incur penalty. The government became cautious about the health hazard that cigarette smoking causes.

So, to reduce the effects of smoking there are some alternative ways to reduce the number of smoking...
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