Henry Lawson

Topics: Narrative, Fiction, Short story Pages: 2 (711 words) Published: October 6, 2010
Through the studies of Henry Lawson’s short stories, we can clearly see that his unique narrative style helps engage readers and describe his experiences of hardship in the Australian Outback. Today i will be talking about a short story, ‘The Loaded Dog’, By Henry Lawson, and ‘The Man from Snowy River’ By Banjo Paterson. Henry Lawson’s narrative style is reflective of his childhood spent growing up in the rough country side of Australia. The way Lawson makes the audience feel his experiences can be seen through his story telling style. He narrates the stories as if he absolutely hates the bush. Lawson is always actively seeking to convey his distaste for the outback by clumping individual people, towns, conversations, events and experiences together. Lawson even manages to create an image of the outback as tedious, rough, and unpleasant from the very first line. For example, the first line from ‘The Loaded Dog’, ‘Dave, Jim and Andy were sinking a shaft at Stony Creek in search of gold’. Henry Lawson seeks to compare and contrast the varying types of characters who live in the Australian Outback. Lawson puts all these characters into the same sketch in order to create an image that is distinctly sensitive of the bush. This gives the readers an idea of the different personalities in the outback, such as the bushman or miner. The ‘Loaded Dog’ is a classic story of the troubles boys can create. Dave, Andy and his mate Jim plan to blow up all the fish in the creek. The description of Andy’s cartridge highlights Dave’s plan and ingenuity. The detail of the cartridge creates a sense of suspense for the reader which carries throughout the remainder of the story. The amount of description of Tommy’s pursuit of the men with the live cartridge in his mouth, brings another level of suspense to the story with the addition of humour. The description of Tommy as a gentle, loyal and fun dog helps to increase the responder’s level of anxiety as they want Tommy to survive. Also...
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