Humour In Lawson's The Loaded Dog

Topics: The Animals, John Steinbeck, Great Depression, William Golding, KILL, Pig / Pages: 2 (365 words) / Published: Feb 26th, 2017
Mateship is a vital aspect of Australian bush life, and good humour is necessary to maintain sanity in the isolated, dry environment. These qualities are greatly significant to the people living within it. Henry Lawson communicates this idea in this humorous bush tale “The Loaded Dog” through humour and personification of the lanky protagonist dog.
For bushmen, having a good sense of humour helps with the monotony of bush life and is essentially a way of survival. Without a sense of humour, the shortcomings of the unstable bush life and economy would easily wear bushmen down. Lawson displays the ideal of humour through vernacular: “El-lo Da-a-ve! How’s the fishin’ getting on, Da-a-ve?’ This depiction of Dave being mocked by bushmen for years

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