Hello Kitty case study

Topics: Hello Kitty, Cuteness in Japanese culture, Government of Japan Pages: 3 (951 words) Published: November 6, 2014

Hello kitty is a cartoon character of a small white cat that looks kind, sweet and cute, with a button nose, two black dot-eyes, six whiskers and a ribbon in her hair. Hello kitty has no mouth and this represents a major source of emotional association for buyers and buyers can put many different feelings to the little cat. Owners and their cat can be happy, sad and cheerful or any other feelings that user wishes to feel.

Hello Kitty was firstly introduced in Japan in 1974 and is a segment of Japanese popular culture and hello kitty is a Japanese bobtail cat also knows as kitty white. Currently hello kitty is 40 years of age; hello kitty trademark is worth over 5 billion annually worldwide.

2.0What the appeal of Hello Kitty? What needs does it fulfill?

Hello Kitty appeal is success in Japan to the prevalence of the Kawaii culture in the country. The Japanese, regardless of their age, were known to have a passion for 'cute' objects. 'Kawaii' itself mean cute. Hello Kitty not only popular among kid but for adult too. They describe as 'kidult', the combination of 'kid' and 'adult'. It attracts user who love pink and cat.

For instance, it was considered normal for grown women in Japan to be seen with mobile phone cases that were adorned with cartoon characters, or for banks to print check books with pictures of cartoons. The postal department issued stamps featuring popular cartoon characters. Even the Japanese government used Hello Kitty as tourism campaign in Hong Kong and China.

Hello Kitty is fulfilling the need of belonging and love. She has become a friend and has its own social fans. People will feel happy when they buy it for their self or receive it as a gift. The appearance and cuteness make people happy when they see it. It becomes collectable items and fans become happy when they can collect all the various looks of Hello Kitty.

3.0What make Hello Kitty distinctive in its early years from other dolls, and what...
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