Helicopter Parents

Topics: Forest kindergarten, Education, Elementary school Pages: 2 (808 words) Published: August 23, 2013
When I was in the fifth grade I told my dad about how I had gotten into an argument with a classmate, Michelle, and that she was being really rude to me. I do not even remember what the argument was about now. What I do remember is my dad calling her mom, complaining to the principal and yelling at the teacher – accomplishing nothing other than embarrassing me in front of all my classmates (who still talk about it to this day) and ensuring that if there ever was a chance for me and Heaven to resolve our differences, it was gone now. For the most part, my parents were good at encouraging me to reach my full potential without being overbearing. But I tell this particular story because it is an excellent example of how being too involved in your child’s life can do more harm than good. “The Growing Backlash Against Overparenting,” a Times magazine article by Nancy Gibbs, refers to this as “helicopter parenting,” and it applies to more than just bullies. Parents are not allowing their kids to play outside anymore or even walk to the store. Their logic is that there are bad people out there: murderers, kidnappers and child molesters. This makes a lot of sense especially if you watch the news on a regular basis. But according to Gibbs, crime is at an all-time low, and most child molesters are family members or close friends (Gibbs, 2009). What parents should be doing is teaching their kids what kind of things to look out for, who it is and isn’t okay to talk to, and where to find an adult if you need one. The fact is, you will never be able to watch your kid every second of the day. That is why instead of stepping in every time there is a problem, we need to teach our kids the proper way to deal with those problems themselves. As for parents who will not allow their children to play outside and force them to use hand sanitizer, it turns out that a little dirt is good for kids. It helps them build up their immune systems so they do not end up with a lot of health...
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