Hebrew vs Greek Religion

Topics: God, Judaism, Deity Pages: 3 (1081 words) Published: April 25, 2012
When you look back on history there were many defining religions, beliefs and values among different cultures and societies. The beliefs varied from believing in one single God to multiple gods, from being patriarchal to matriarchal. When discussing difference you can see numerous among the Ancient Hebrew culture and the Archaic Greeks. Greeks believed in multiple gods, the Olympians and the Chthonian whereas Ancient Hebrew’s believed in one God whose name shouldn’t even be pronounced it was so sacred. These two cultures perceived the world and their surrounds in a completely different way. The Ancient Hebrew culture was a culture defined by many things but mostly for their construction of their religion. Hebrews or the religion Judaism were the first to be a monotheistic religion, unlike many others they believed that there was only one God, “You shall have no other gods besides Me.” (Exodus 20.1, RWH 131) Their religion began when Abraham spoke with a supernatural deity on a hill. It was at that time when the deity and Abraham made a covenant. The deity promised Abraham that if he followed his rules his people would flourish and be protected. Hebrews believed that this god made the heavens and the earth, the sun and the moon etc. Their religion existed around him and they would do anything to please him and live by his laws.

The belief in ancient Hebrew was that God was one that had a commitment to righteousness and integrity, and they had sayings to prove it. “You shall not murder. You shall not steal.” (Exodus 20:5, RWH 131) These are a part of the Ten Commandments which was core of Mosaic law. It was a guiding hand on the way God would have liked humans to behave with one another. They believed in what we call the golden rule do onto others as they would do unto you. This religion was so tied in with the covenant with god that there was no difference between a sin and a crime, both were punishable in the same way, you must seek forgiveness of the deity...
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