Heartbreak In the Heartland

Topics: Human rights, Rights, Thought Pages: 2 (271 words) Published: February 24, 2014

Heartbreak in the Heartland

The 7 ethical argument that i think is most applicable to the video of

Heartbreak in the Heartland is that Violates Human Right. Because we

are human beings and we have the right to protect ourself and personal

freedom. In the video, when Monsanto thought a farmer was growing

thier products, they would come to thier property without permission to

check and that's violating human rights. The company that grows the

geneticaly modified monsanto seems unnatural and that what they want to

aginst the farmer because what they grow is basically fake canola and

that's not the way canola is supposed to be made. The farmer have to buy

the chemical from the monsanto. They want the farmer to have the license

to able to use thier own seed. They want the farmer to send them a money

that they were asking for so in that cases they won't charge the farmer. It's

the power of money and might. Just like in the video said " Money talks,

Government Listen ". Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of

person. To me, it is the most vicious, suppressive contract on the face on

the earth. The right and the freedoms of people are taken away. They sign

all their right away to be able to use their own seed. But under law in

Canada you always allowed to use your own seed. I've learned is that just

because the gonvernments it and companies introduce it, it not necessarily
going to be safe. It is the right thing that the farmer need to speak up for

their own good.
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