Healthcare System in Malaysia

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Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the healthcare system in Malaysia. What changes can the government make to suit 1MALAYSIA concept?

Introduction to the Health care system in Malaysia
What is health care? Healthcare is defined as in the oxford dictionary as maintaining and improving the physical and mental health of someone through the provision of medical services. It is also defined in the Merriam Webster as restoring the health of someone and preventing the spread of diseases that can harm a person life helped by trained and license profession by giving them medicine, therapy and treatment to make them feel better.

In the past few decades, Malaysia Healthcare has undergone a radical transformation. Before the birth of colonization Malaysian use traditional medicine and methods introduced by the local citizen of Malaysia. Ever since the independence day back at august 1957, the different system of health care were transferred from British colonial rules to help the growing needs of proper care of the Malaysian citizen. (Castro 2009). Malaysia is a popular destination for medical tourism as the service provided are vast such as cardiology, dentistry, general service and etc.(Healthcare in Malaysia, n.d).

Malaysian healthcare is govern by the ministry of health but is divided into two categories which are private sector and public sector. The goal for the healthcare of the public sector is to provide an affordable healthcare for the citizen of Malaysia with the proper equipment and medicine. For the private sector it is also for the citizen healthcare but the medical fees higher than the fees from the public hospitals, because the private hospitals usually have better equipped equipment and facilities. Both of these sectors contribute differently in Malaysia healthcare system. (Healthcare in Malaysia, 2012)

The Malaysia government will help the citizen of Malaysia with their health issues of the country by improving the facilities, according to the Malaysian Medical Association (MMA) annual dinner. The Prime Minister has spoken that if the nation wants to prosper it will have to start with healthcare of the people, as the people health of one country is important. Therefore one of the goals to achieve in the "Wawasan 2020" is to have a world class health care system that is affordable and assessable to the people of the country. The preliminary analysis indicates that the health services are quality and affordable but problems lies in the long waiting lines, insufficient staff, crowded facilities. (Razak, 2012). Every country has advantages and disadvantages of the healthcare system. Now let us talk about the advantages of Malaysia Healthcare System. Advantages of the healthcare system in Malaysia.

Malaysia healthcare system is winning praise from the World Health Organisation and also from other countries. Among the programs attracting attention is the RM1 minimum fee for treatment at government hospitals and clinics nationwide. According to the public hospital services that heavily subsidized by the government, there are 98% of the total cost of providing medical services by the government to the people. Besides this, the patients just bear 2% out of 100%. Malaysian also will be given hospital treatment when the duration of staying is less that RM500 through the government subsidy. (Malaysia benefits from affordable health care, 2011). One of the advantages of the Malaysia healthcare are the performance of some of the most difficult treatments in the world and also professional in all medical disciplines. The treatments are carried out in state of the art facilities that have been furnished to meet international standards. The high quality in treatments is thus maintained at the technology as well as professional levels. The medical practices followed in Malaysia are at par with the best in the world, incorporating sophistication as well as international expertise. The medical...

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