The Working Poor and Healthcare

Topics: Barack Obama, Health care, Mike Beebe Pages: 2 (712 words) Published: December 2, 2012
Cydney Skeens
Ms. Gaines
9 October 2012
Writing Assignment: The Working Poor
Poverty can be defined by the necessities and amenities that one does not have in their life. Due to the expectations created by our society, we have a tendency to judge others based on the clothes they wear or the cars they drive, and we automatically assume that those who cannot afford these luxuries are either uneducated, unskilled or a combination of both. We completely disregard the fact that not all people have control of their financial stability and that anything can damage their current state of wealth. Even the wealthiest of families can find themselves making their way to the bottom due to an unfortunate tragedy such as a death in the family or being laid off from a job, both of which are aspects that cannot be predicted or prevented, and the only thing families can do is accept it. The American Myth claims that someone from the humblest of beginnings can achieve success, but this statement could not be more false. Although a major cause of poverty is financial trouble, a key component that factors in is how the past affects the future. Those who come from troubled beginnings often lead a life of poor behavior and bad decision making skills. Some even work their lives away and still continue to struggle financially, mainly because they had no foundation to build upon due to the fact that they had to start from the absolute bottom.

A popular topic of discussion commonly found in politics is the Health Care Reform of 2013-2018. This legislation requires that “all U.S citizens, with limited expectations, have health insurance coverage and establish the State Exchanges that will make available standardized plan offerings for individuals and certain employers”. The legislation also states that penalties will be assessed to those who are not covered (Banyan LLC). As for the individuals and families who cannot afford it, their financial hardships label them as an...

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Press, Associated. "In Arkansas, Governor Changes Course on Health Care to Help Uninsured, Struggling Democrats." Washington Post. The Washington Post, 25 Sept. 2012. Web. 09 Oct. 2012. <>.
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