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Sutter Health Approach Essay 1
Sutter Health Approach Essay

Sutter Health Approach Essay 2
Sutter Health is based out of Sacramento, CA. Sutter Health is a non-for-profit community based healthcare. (Gleeson, B 2010). This system serves their patients and families in more than 100 Northern CA cities and towns, Sutter Health doctors, and other healthcare service providers join resources and share their expertise to advance healthcare and the quality and access that may be available to people. (Gleeson, B 2010).

Sutter Health has grown from a small independent healthcare facility in Sacramento to one of the largest healthcare providers today. (Gleeson, B 2010). There have been many financial costs due to increase in costs and the inability to collect payments it has been very hard on budgeting and collecting from the patients of their payments. (Gleeson, B 2010). As a result, they are working on and redesigning all of their management and account processes while striving to keep the healthcare affordable for their patients and the families. (Gleeson, B 2010). Sutter Health is making progress to conserve all limited resources and finding more efficient resources to serve the community and also so that they can succeed financially. (Gleeson, B 2010).

There is new governance designed to provide more coordinated care to patients. (Gleeson, B 2010). There are five geographic regions they reflect healthcare access to the customers of the Northern California. Each of the five regions will have governance structure it will oversee many Sutter affiliated medical facilities and also the hospitals. (Gleeson, B 2010). The boards are going to focus on committees to also focus on matters that are important in quality as well as the community. (Gleeson, B 2010). The local entity responsibility is philanthropy. (Gleeson, B 2010). Sutter Health Approach Essay 3

In the healthcare the environment is changing all the time and it compels them to be more nimble of governance structure. (Gleeson, B 2010). According to the “Sutter Health Board Directors Chair Jim Gray” that there is many other places that have adopted the same kind of thing in their healthcare facilities. (Gleeson, B 2010). There are many areas that have operated successfully with the governance structure in over a decade. (Gleeson, B 2010).

“Regional governance recognizes that consumers do not live their lives within the strict confines of a city or even county boundaries,” According to Robert Altman, M.D., who is on the Board of Directors of the Sutter Gould medical foundation and hospitals. “A new approach will allow us to make more informed decisions for the benefit of our larger communities, improve quality and keep our prices affordable at the same time. Our new structure will result in a more cohesive, coordinated system of care, which is what our patients expect and deserve,” Altman said. It may take several months to finalize and implement. (Gleeson, B 2010). Sutter Health leads in many areas of their hospitals this includes “cardiac care, woman’s and children’s services, cancer care, and orthopedics, and the advancement of patient safety. (Gleeson, B 2010).

Sutter Health the not-for-profit healthcare in the Northern California includes 50- bed hospitals with an urban hospital that includes 1,200 beds which is a lot more than the lowest bed hospitals. (Hummel, J 2010). According to (Hummel, J 2010). We needed a solution that could address lack of commonality in the admissions systems and also with the inconsistency of the billing practices that are being used. (Hummel, J 2010). The best practices that needed maximized for best practices and streamline operational training and to establish the standards Sutter Health Approach Essay 4

Through interface with the existing lab systems. (Hummel, J 2010). It’s very important to make sure that they do the best that they can in order to succeed and to...

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