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Topics: Medicine, Health insurance, Health care Pages: 3 (1039 words) Published: October 13, 2012
Health Care Interview Paper
Tannish Billingsley, Student at Devry University
HSM: 410
May 20, 2012
Becky Gilliland, DR. / Professor at Devry University

Health Care Interview Paper
The interview paper that I will be presenting will be on three separate generations for learning information on health care before and present. The three people used in the interview paper are Gussie B.Godfrey my grandmother, Grace Pettigrew my mother and Keta D.Hayes my daughter and my intents are to share with my Professor and others the information that I retrieved and learned during this interview process. First interview: Gussie B. Godfrey

Gussie B (2012) states that she is now 94 years of age and consider herself to be health in this new day and time states, “that she or her mother and father knew anything about health care insurance growing up in the 1900’s” . Gussie B. (2012) does not remember getting sick except for having colds or a bee sting every now and then, which did not require any visits to a doctor’s office. The medicine when Gussie grew up was homemade remedies from herbs. Having nine kids according to Gussie required no hospitals visits or stays. All of my grandmother kids were delivered at home or in the fields near her home either by neighbors or by relatives. There were occasions where if a doctor were needed when Gussie B. remembered her mom and dad using a barter system of trading fruits and vegetables even cleaning and ironing clothes for emergencies like broken finger, or a seriously cut from working in the fields Gussie B (2012). My grandmother does not remember having or seeing hospitals and doctor offices like those that we have now and the only changes noted by Gussie is the fact that doctors are quick to give her a pill for everything and that she is not use to swallowing various medications and most often does not even take the medication. Gussie B. giggles and in addition, states, “ I just hate when I have to be sent from one...

References: Gussie B. Godfrey, personal interview, May 16, 2012
Grace Pettigrew, personal interview, May 18, 2012
Keta D. Hayes, personal interview, May 20, 2012
Tannish Y. Billingsley, interviewer, May 2012
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