Personal Interview

Topics: Disability, Question, Muscular dystrophy Pages: 3 (1077 words) Published: April 16, 2013
Mitchell Barnes, the name held no spectacular feats or accomplishments. Mitchell proved a seemingly ordinary name for an ordinary man. This particular man suffered from a degenerative muscle disorder. When one begins reading an academic work of a man like Barnes, who is born with physical ailments, she would expect to be reading of all he accomplished in life. She would expect to read of incredible accomplishments Barnes had, unfortunately, one such essay lacks existence. After three missed appointments for an interview, I began to lose hope that I would even get to know this man. When interviewed, the twenty-three year old Barnes hadn’t much to offer. His expression full of bleakness and boredom, I knew the information I searched for would not be found easily and may not be found through him. Prior to our meeting, I expected to learn of hopes and dreams. Who I found proved a bland, rather boring man with no drive or compassion for much of anything. This man with Muscular Dystrophy let the sickness define him. I see a man, freed by an electric wheelchair; Barnes on the other hand seemed to not see his chair in this way. The middle-aged Barnes let physical ailment define who he became. Barnes allowed the slightest actions be determined by his non-abilities, not his abilities. Nearly half of the questions asked, Barnes answered similarly. He preferred solitude and quietness. These answers gave more sight into Barnes’ life than I saw at the time. His solidarity would continue throughout his life, not because no one wanted to be acquainted with him, but per his own preferences. Barnes focused on what accomplishments could come from his chair, as opposed to focusing on things that make him truly happy. As an IUS student Barnes chose his profession based on his disability. When asked why Barnes chose the profession of a high school history teacher, the IUS student said, “It is something I can do.” Family of Barnes said that he once dreamt of gun shop...

Cited: Barnes, Mitchell. Personal interview. 29 Jan 2013.
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