Healthcare- 3rd world country

Topics: Medicine, Health care, Barack Obama Pages: 2 (472 words) Published: October 27, 2013
The United States focuses on health care more than any other country, but we are far from perfect. Citizens in our country are given the opportunity for great health benefits and the chance to be seen by highly educated doctors, however it comes at a cost. This consequently brings up the idea of fair play versus fair share. In our society, we are faced with the question, is health care a right or a product for sale? Access to high quality health care is essential to improving health in a society, but at what cost can we make health care equal for everyone; this leads to the concept fair play, if you have money then you receive access to high quality care. Health care equality is a major issue in our political system today, as we see the struggle President Obama has been facing with hopes to pass Obama Care, allowing fair share and equality to everyone. There are approximately 40 million uninsured citizens in the United States, but in reality our country does not compare to 3rd world countries.

Uganda, Africa is considered a 3rd world country. I was given the opportunity to go to Uganda last summer, which changed my perspectives on our health system and access to medicine. Not only was I able to experience their community and way of life, I was introduced to their health care system. For example, at one clinic, there were two doctors trying to accommodate dozens of people with severe illnesses. This experience had me thinking how often I would just go into a doctor for a check up in the United States instead of dealing with major diseases. There are many diseases and biological components that circulate Africa. People’s immune systems are either accustomed to the disease or they become deathly ill. There is not easy access to medicines in Uganda, leading to diseases such as Malaria, Yellow Fever, AIDS, etc. which can lead to mortality. Going to a different country open’s your eyes to how blessed we are in the United States, enabling the life expectancy far...
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