Health Promotion Plan

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Health Promotion Program

Health Promotion Program

More and more Americans are struggling to stay healthy. Increasingly, people are finding it harder to fit exercise into their lives, to develop healthy eating habits, to maintain their weight, and to manage stress. It is not that people are not trying, but the American way of life, for so many people, has become a roadblock to the pursuit of health. It is very clear that to improve health; we have to shift our focus more on helping people improve their lifestyle behavior. “Introducing wellness or a “health promotion” program into the mix is critical” (Hall, 2006). The human resources department of this company wants to introduce a 16-week workplace health promotion program that will boost morale, improve health and fitness, and increase productivity in the workplace. All part-time and full-time employees are eligible to participate. The goals of this program are as follows: • Learn how to appreciate and take advantage of the interconnections among the body, brain, and lifestyle • Learn how the brain works so you can make positive, healthful changes • Engage in a regular exercise program and create your own personal fitness plan • Participate in a nutrition course and create a personal nutrition plan so you can maintain a healthy diet • Develop good stress management skills

Many people are not aware of their potential health risks and do not understand how their lifestyle choices affect their health, so in an effort to help all participants better understand their current health status, nurses and health care staff members from our health insurance company, United Healthcare will be on-site on Monday, December 6th in the video conference room to register all participants and guide you through a personal health assessment. Upon completion of the health assessment, all participants will receive personalized results and one-on-one attention from a...

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