Health Is More Important Than Wealth

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In totality, we can define health as the complete state of physical, emotional, and social well-being of a person, but usually we understand it as the absence of illnesses and diseases. Now, why say that health is more important than wealth? We first need to understand the importance of each in our lives and realize that with health we can achieve wealth but without health, wealth will be useless.

All individuals strive to be healthy and strong that is why we try to exercise as much as possible, eat right, and drink vitamins and food supplements that can help our bodies. Ever heard of the saying, "health is wealth"? We wouldn't really put importance and recognize the significance of our bodily health until we become incapacitated by an illness. We need to understand that being healthy is wealth in itself. We should realize that being in tip-top shape will enable us to work well, play sports, and do just about anything we want to do. Simple pain and discomfort can hugely affect our day-to-day function especially at work. Some people who have extreme headache or migraine actually cannot do anything anymore and just stay at their homes and lock up. Being sick affects our well-being, and not until we are unable to move and do our daily activities because of an illness will we realize this.

One reason we want to have enough money is so that we can live comfortably and abundantly. When needs arises, we want to be able to buy and afford what can make our lives easier. One such need will be when we become ill. We want to have the resources to afford the best medical services available and be able to buy all the necessary medicines. However, we all know that not all diseases can be cured. There is still cancer and AIDS that at this time and age, and with all the technological breakthroughs, experts have still yet to find a cure for it. If you contract any of these diseases, your wealth can only do so much for you. It may be able to give you the...
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